Monday, January 31, 2011

Bend It Like Janus

Grinding Gravel
Time for a look backward and forth. Last year was a good year for riding. 4011 miles, including 2 centuries. It also marked the end of a decade of having returned to riding regularly, during which I logged something like 28,000 miles. More than I had set out to do.

Did Bike the Barns, a couple of cyclocross races and (well, this year) the Triple D. Rode in the sun, at night, through rain, wind and snow. Logged significant mileage on the Cross Check, Long Haul Trucker and blue Trek sport-tourer; and a few on the Big Dummy and Black Pony.

Looking ahead, the next event on the list is the Madison Winter Fest CycloFrost race, which I also did last year.

Not much then until the end of April, when BALLS ride and the Almanzo 100 fall about two weeks apart.

Later in the season, I'll most likely do the Bike the Barns ride, but am also giving serious thought to the Colesburg 40 and the Unnamed Epic.

For the wintertime, I'm thinking about the 75-mile version of the Tuscobia Ultra and more than likely, a fourth try at the Triple D.

That ought to keep me out of the taverns.

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