Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Love a Parade

Our whole family participated in this past weekend's kickoff for Bike to Work Week, the Madison Art Bike Parade. That's us behind the push-pull tandem—I'm wearing the sheepskin hat and that's my daughter and a friend taking advantage of Marge's ample passenger accomodations.

Of course, the disadvantage to having Bike to Work Week in May is that it can rain quite a bit here in the springtime, and Saturday was no exception. The parade's trophy winner had a bit of a problem with the wooden axles of his bike swelling, which slowed his forward progress quite a bit. The maker of the Peeps bike also found herself with a different, though no less vexing dilema. But everybody soldiered through with good humor and it ended up being quite a bit of fun. Looking forward to a more creative entry next year...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Cargo Bikes, Part 2

Lightning strikes again.

Increasingly sophisticated bicycles are being designed to transport people as well as the accoutrements of their daily lives. Special bicycles and tricycles can haul items such as furniture and building supplies. And they're catching on in bicycle-friendly cities such as Madison.

It was front page, above the fold. Fantastic.