Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Love a Parade

Our whole family participated in this past weekend's kickoff for Bike to Work Week, the Madison Art Bike Parade. That's us behind the push-pull tandem—I'm wearing the sheepskin hat and that's my daughter and a friend taking advantage of Marge's ample passenger accomodations.

Of course, the disadvantage to having Bike to Work Week in May is that it can rain quite a bit here in the springtime, and Saturday was no exception. The parade's trophy winner had a bit of a problem with the wooden axles of his bike swelling, which slowed his forward progress quite a bit. The maker of the Peeps bike also found herself with a different, though no less vexing dilema. But everybody soldiered through with good humor and it ended up being quite a bit of fun. Looking forward to a more creative entry next year...

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