Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fat and Happy

I posted quite a while back that I was working on a new thing codenamed Project Why (which morphed into Project Why Not?) but have taken my sweet time getting around to finishing it. Well, here it is:

This is what I plan to ride in the DDD adventure race (or in my case, adventure ride) in January. My goal is mainly to finish.

For you bike geeks, it's a Motobecane 600HT aluminum frame with a Surly Pugsly 100 fork, Snowcat-ish 48mm trials rims, 2.4-inch tires, 1 x 8 drivetrain, Titiec H-bars, and Shimano DH-3N70 dynohub/Schmidt Edelux lighting (taillight to come.)

I have to say that this thing is quite the brute to pedal and it steers like a mattress, but the good news is that it holds a line on loose gravel in a way that suggests it will do very well in the snow. I'm guessing that we'll soon find out.


Joe said...

Now that's moto! I love it! Rugged and functional.

Joe in Iowa

Doug said...

Very cool!!!

Pete said...

Sweet ride. Makes me want to update my old Miyata mountain bike.

Jim Thill said...

Holy crap.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Thanks to all for the kind thoughts!

Pete, I say go for it.

Jim, that's exactly what I say when it comes time to drag this critter up a hill.

scott said...

Very nice--that should be a lot of fun in the snow. The trials rims are great--wouldn't mind trying some of those.

I have a slightly similar but much cheesier project here: