Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out In the Wild

Tuesday Morning Snow Ride
Today was a good day to take the long way to work. About 2 inches of snow, light wind out of the north and about 24˚f. Rode the 9:Zero:7, but could easily have ridden a regular mountain bike. The pavement was clear underneath the snow. For several miles, I was the only track out there.

Tuesday Morning Snow Ride
Took the relatively rural Capital City Trail around the southern perimeter of Madison to my job on the west side. The usual 7.5 mile jaunt through town becomes a 17 mile trip through the country. Well, 7 or 8 miles are rural, anyway:

I overdressed again, with a light poly base layer, light wool mid layer and Gore Bike Wear jacket. Could easily have ditched the wool mid, and did just that on the way home. Much better...


Doug said...

Looks like a interesting commute.

Hey, good luck this weekend at the Triple D. Have fun out there!

MrDaveyGie said...

I seem to somehow over dress 50% + of the time. I think I am scared of a 'freeze out' making the ride short. I started a diary of what the weather conditions were, and exactly what I was wearing.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Doug, thanks for the well-wishes! Hoping for a good race this year.

This commute is interesting enough, but I think you've still got it better up your way ;-)

Dave, that's a really good idea. Takes guts to underdress enough not to get all sweaty...