Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Very 'Sconny Shopping Trip

So here it is, a Saturday morning, and I'm looking into my basket down at the market. Golly, that sure appears to be what the rest of America must think we eat all the time here in 'Sconsin. Yogurt from the Sugar River Dairy, whose production facility in Albany, Wisconsin was previously a three-car garage before being carefully converted to a Grade A Dairy; milk is from Crystal Ball Farm Organic Dairy up in Osceola, where the DeRosier family has about 100 Holstein cows and a state of the art bottling facility right on the farm; and a sixer of Spotted Cow from one of my two favorite breweries of all time, the New Glarus Brewing Company down in New Glarus.

Then I stopped at the neighbor lady's on the way home and picked up our egg CSA share, along with a bonus liver sausage:

The ol' Timbuktu bag was getting pretty heavy by then. The missus tells me that up in Sheboygan, they eat the liver sausage on toast with grape jelly. Guess I'll have to pick me up some grape jelly.

But the best thing is that spring must be just around the corner—my favorite seasonal beer is back in stock:

Lake Louie Milk Stout. Mmmmmm. Better wait until after noon to have one though...

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Steve Fuller said...

Found your blog looking for fender install tips for my Long Haul Trucker. First of all, thank you for documenting your install. Second, in my best Homer Simpson voice "Mmmmmm. Milk Stout"