Friday, November 06, 2009

Cyclocross Hurts

I mean, look at that face:

Camrock Cyclocross
Photo courtesy of Renee Callaway, madcross dot org

This was the Camrock Classic Rock of Cross WCA Cross event in Rockdale back on October 18. My very first CC race ever. Chuck and I raced the Masters Cat 4 very first thing in the frosty morning. Started out by getting lost in the road construction on the way to the race, parking across the river and riding across a pedestrian bridge and the last half mile to the course.

The Dropouts that organized this thing are pretty deep in the Masters, so my goals were to 1. finish, 2. not get lapped, 3. not break anything and 4. not kill myself. Resounding success on all 4. I finished 24th of 29 (with one DNF) and would likely have been 25 had Chuck not let the air out of his front tire on the final lap. Four laps in about 38 minutes. Prolly close to lapped, but not.

Yeah, after about the first lap I wanted very badly to stop but hung in there. A little sore the next day but not too bad. Looked at shiny new CX bikes all week but resisted temptation easily, having not that kind of scratch. Maybe a couplafew races next year if the urge strikes...

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