Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Snow

We got another 5 inches yesterday during the work day (I took the bus) for a grand total of about 12 since December 1. This of course with a generous helping of sleet and freezing rain thrown in. Fortunately, we did not get the freezing rain that much of the midwest got yesterday. What a mess.

Here's what it looks like when you don't use the car for a couple of snowy days. It's listing to port because we didn't get the driveway cleared well enough back on 12-2, and as I had mentioned in a previous post, that ended up being a one-way ticket to Screwsville. To the right we have one of the finest selections of snow-removal implements in town—4 shovels, 2 brooms and an ice chopper. Not pictured are the grain shovel and the pickaxe, but we've used those too (being careful not to damage the concrete with the pickaxe.) Tomorrow I'll be putting the roof rake together too. In the foreground to the left is the Moose, all set to make its cross-town run, which went pretty well today. The plows were out all night and the bike paths and streets were mostly a nice smooth hardpack.

Here's the cowpath leading back to the garage, made by the aforementioned grain shovel. We've given up on the rest of the driveway. Maybe next year.

Just one last comment on the Soglin thing. During the WIBA radio interview, he was asked why people ride in the snow. To this he replied with some hogwash about an excess of testosterone. Well, lemme tell ya Paul, the only thing an excess of testosterone is doing for me lately is to make the hair on my head migrate to just about every other part of my body. Time to start shopping for a better explaination, because I saw no fewer than six (count 'em, 6) female icebikers out there today.

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