Friday, December 18, 2015

The Last Couple of Years in One Map

Red is this year, brown is last year, purple is 2013 and blue is 2012. Zoom out for amazement.

(made with GPSBabel and Google Fusion Tables.)


Hobbes vs Boyle said...

I don't like that 2015 half-circle near the Dells :-)

How exactly did you combine/convert the tracks with GPSBabel?

Michael Lemberger said...

Me either. :-/ Still debating on whether to blog that one.

I've been syncing TCX files from my Garmin account to Dropbox. I converted them in batches to GPX, then converted the annual GPX file to KML and uploaded that to Google Drive. Not pretty or convenient, but it works.

Hobbes vs Boyle said...

I certainly don't mind you blogging about it. I have a post in draft on the topic but haven't decided if I'm going to publish it or not.

Thanks for the GPS work flow. Will try it (or something similar) over the next weekend. Note to self: Getting GPX data out of Strava is possible, but it doesn't include anything other than the track (i.e. no information on bike, commute vs non-commute). Downside of only tracking rides on a smartphone.