Friday, January 16, 2015

Time For Fat Bikes

Snowy Ride
Winter is the best time for fat bikes. Yes it is.

It's funny to have been in on this fat bike thing from pretty early on. Ruby was one of probably the first dozen fat bikes in Madison back in 2010, but they seem to be everywhere now. I spent a lot of time on the MTBR Fat Bike forums in the beginning, when it was mostly Alaskans and other adventure types using fat bikes to go where no bicycle had gone before.

There's been a trend lately that amuses me quite a bit, with people I've met in real life and on the interwebs saying that they love fat bikes so much that they've sold off all of their other bikes. That sentiment sure smells of fad.

Sure, fat bikes make pretty good mountain and trail bikes, but honestly, riding them on pavement just isn't that much fun. They really shine on snow, sand and other loose material where floatation makes a big difference. Those are the occasions that make it worth dragging those big tires around, and the idea that I'll get to ride my fat bike more also helps me have a more positive attitude toward winter.

Though it may puts me in the minority, I just think bike fun can be had in a lot of different forms.

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Doug said...

Agree completely. I got in early too. I loved snow, winter and bikes. A bike that can be ridden on snow just made so much sense to me. Not having a mountain biker background makes me a bit of an anomaly. In the end it doesn't matter. The funnest rides I do all year are the ones I do in the snow on my Pugsley.