Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cheesehead Triangle

Took a day off from work, left home and picked up the Capitol City bike path to the Greenbush and Southwest paths, got on the Badger headed south and rode through the tunnel to Monroe. From there, I rode the Cheese Country ATV trail to Mineral Point, grunted up Shake Rag Street to the bike path along US151 to Dodgeville and caught the Military Ridge trail back to Madison.

Sounds simple, but was by far the longest I've ever ridden all by my lonesome. Three counties and 17 towns.

Even on a 29er with really big tires, the ATV trail was no joke. Hard work. Hot and humid.


Still, 147 miles in under 14 hours on that thing? I'll take it.

Pics on the Flik.

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