Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Chill Was Gone

Joint operation between Bonk King and I. We were a little foolish to name it thus, given the time of year. Nate, Grant, Scott and I with Mike and David from Illinois. We the Madisonians met up in Fitchburg with our pals from south of the border. Rode downtown to give the lads a tour and stopped at Micky's Dairy Bar for pancakes and other breakfast fare. Scott joined us and we headed south on the Badger to Sun Valley, Frenchtown and Belleville. Cold, with just a hint of sleety drizzle.

Paid a visit to the tunnel before heading over to New Glarus via Exeter Crossing. Sun came out as we stopped at the Brewery for a sample beer and then down to the Bakery for pastries. Back east via Exeter, the crew was getting pressed for time, so we cut off the Attica part of the loop and headed north through Dayton via D and back to the Badger whence we came and returned to the Hotel d' Fitchburgs.

Grant, Nate and I stopped for the Park Street la Hacienda meat platter on the way home.

Truncated from our original 125-mile plan, but long enough.

The Chill is Gone Ride
(Not many) pics here.

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