Saturday, February 07, 2009

Tour de Slush

Yeah, the Glare Ice Project was supposed to be Madison's premier icebike race, but nobody could have predicted 45-degree temperatures on February 7. I rode the course after work the day before and it was fantastic. The next day it had 4 inches of water on it.

I rode in the second heat, which was 5 guys and 5 laps. Got behind a guy on a cyclocross bike and had a lot of trouble passing him—I ultimately finished fourth. Somehow I ended up with the DFL trophy even though there were riders in the other two heats that got lapped. Maybe it was because I was standing in front of the person handing out the stuff after the race. Oh well, it was fun anyway. Thanks to the folks at Revolution and everyone else who helped put it on.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blurb Mike. If you knew the care and thought that went into the construction of the DFL trohpy, you would've fought to come in last on purpose;)

Ask Jeff, Chris and Andrew about that one...