Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When the Levee Groans

It seems the rain has finally stopped for a few days, and while it was certainly no Katrina, it's a lot more water than we're used to. Here are a couple snaps of the bike path near the Monona Terrace Convention Center:

Normally you'd have to scramble down over a couple feet of rocks to dip your toes in the water. Tuesday morning the path was covered with lake weeds and garbage that had washed up on shore.

Here's the bridge I use to cross the Yahara River every morning (click for bigs):

That line of pilings from lower left to middle right is normally about two feet above the surface of the water.

Here's the same wall from the bridge.

and here's the same place back in January. You can see the wall of pilings on the left just behind those three tree trunks. Very few of the rocks are visible right now.

Boating is now restricted to no wake speed on all of the lakes as of today. This means a long weekend of canoeing for us without the buzz of speedboats or jet skis. Hooray!

On a more serious note, I rode in on Monday, but swung by the main office on my way in to try to pick up my new employer-provided annual bus pass. [A great benny, by the way—thanks Employer!] The office where I'd normally pick it up was closed, so I decided to ride on to my office another 3 miles away. When I got outside, there were several flashes of lightning and some thunder. It wasn't raining, but I decided, somewhat uncharacteristically, to hop a bus for the last leg. This was possible only because all of the busses in Madison have bike racks on the front. [See where that pass comes in handy?] That went fine and I could hear the storm passing a little later while I was working at my cornputer. Around lunch, I checked the local news Web site and read that some unfortunate old duffer had been hit by lightning and killed while golfing at the very same course I ride past on my way in. (Cue scary shocker music!) Of course, I had gotten to work at 8:30 and the golfer was struck at about 9:45 (while I was shamelessly praying for a power outage to break up the monotony), but still...

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