Thursday, August 07, 2008

Strange Critter

Here is a Big Dummy belonging to some folks out in Denver who have set the bar just a little higher for all the utility bike geeks out there. Check out the really cool kid seating underneath the cover (click on the picture above to go to their Photostream), and oh, here's their blog.

Speaking of utility bikes, my neighbor told me that Trek was shooting some video of a prototype Gary Fisher utility bike this afternoon at the neighborhood market just down the street from us. She described it as being about the same size as the Big Dummy, but with some kind of integrated passenger seat in the stoker position, a short steel platform, and some "really cool" side bags with zippered flaps. Fat tires, disk brakes and wide upright bars. Hmmmm... isn't Interbike coming up?

PS—Did I mention that the GF had a centerstand?


The Stouts said...

Critter is a fitting description for it considering we call it the llama being our low maintenance pack animal.

Really my wife wanted a bakfiets, but a bakfiets can't do mountain camping trips, bike tours, serious studded tires, so the aim was to make a big dummy do all that the bakfiets can do and then some.

Andrew said...

Looks like it would be a real challenge in the wind we get here in CO.

The Stouts said...

I've ridden it a couple fairly significant cross winds so far. From what I've read on aerodynamics and experienced personally, something with a lentil shape is far less affected in a raking crosswind than something that actually catches wind like a sail or even a flat surface.

The overall shape is more "lentilish" and so really isnt' affected much. Also when you consider there's the inertia of two kids in there, they also do a good job of negating what affect the crosswinds to have.

Now as for headwinds, this cover actually seems to speed the rig up noticeably. Cant complain about that ;)